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    Rae Goodwin

    VP for Publications & Treasurer:
    Shaila Christofferson 

    VP for Communications:
    Melissa Vandenberg

    VP for Education: 
    Thomas Albrecht

    VP for Progamming: 
    Dean Adams 

    VP for Outreach: 
    Joan Giampa, DA 

    VP for Development: 
    Cynthia Hellyer-Heinz

    VP for International Development:
    Jesse Payne 

    Editor, Future Forward:
    Lucy Curzon

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    Four Minds for the Future: Creative, Constructive, Critical, Connective

    In Five Minds for the Future, Howard Gardner presents five interrelated modes of thinking as components in building a productive future. Inspired by this example, we will explore our own four modes of thinking and develop connections among them.

    -The Creative Mind embraces risk, synthesizes prior knowledge, and develops new concepts.

    -The Constructive Mind transforms creative possibilities into tangible images, objects or actions.

    -The Critical Mind discerns strengths and weaknesses among multiple options and determines priorities.

    -The Connective Mind brings all of these possibilities together and provides outreach to the larger community of educators at all levels.

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