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    KCAI 2017

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    KCAI 2017

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    Lily Kuonen

    Vice President:
    Erin Hoffman

    VP for Finance: 
    Shaila Christofferson

    VP for Publications:
    Katie Ries

    Associate VP for Publications:
    Eric Wold

    Associate VP and Editor, Future Forward:
    Lucy Curzon

    VP for Communications:
    Diane Tarter

    Associate VP for Communications:
    Melanie Johnson

    Associate VP for Communications and Outreach: 
    Mandy Horton

    VP for Education: 
    Ray Yeager

    Associate VP for Education: 
    Gary Setzer


    VP for Progamming: 
    Claire van der Plas

    Associate VP for Progamming: 
    Libby McFalls

    Associate VP for Progamming: 
    Jessica Burke

    VP for Outreach: 
    Nina Bellisio

    Associate VP for Outreach: 
    Jim Benedict

    VP for Development: 
    Jason Swift

    Associate VP for Development: 
    Emily Sullivan Smith



    ThinkTank FAQ > General Information > What is the focus of ThinkTank8 (TT8)?

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    ThinkTank 8 Big Sky Vision – Grounded Strategy will explore ways of integrating the ever-changing models, methods, motivations, and practices of contemporary art and design into foundational art courses. Exploring ways in which foundational curricula can respond to 21st century needs, we will compare emerging processes and motivations to existing models. Building on ideas generated by ThinkTank 7: Foundations Now and the ThinkTank Catalyst at FATE: From Silos to Integration: 21st Century Foundations Curricula, TT8 will continue to consider ways in which foundational coursework sets the stage for the undergraduate experience as a whole.

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