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    KCAI 2017

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    Lily Kuonen

    Vice President:
    Rae Goodwin

    Vice President:
    Erin Hoffman

    VP for Finance: 
    Shaila Christofferson

    VP for Publications:
    Katie Ries

    Associate VP for Publications:
    Eric Wold

    Associate VP and Editor, Future Forward:
    Lucy Curzon

    VP for Communications:
    Diane Tarter

    Associate VP for Communications:
    Melanie Johnson

    Associate VP for Communications: 
    Jennifer Belair

    VP for Education: 
    Thomas Albrecht

    Associate VP for Education: 
    Kjellgren Alkire

    Associate VP for Education: 
    Ray Yeager

    VP for Progamming: 
    Claire van der Plas

    Associate VP for Progamming: 
    Libby McFalls

    Associate VP for Progamming: 
    Jessica Burke

    VP for Outreach: 
    Nina Bellisio

    Associate VP for Outreach: 
    Jim Benedict

    VP for Development: 
    Jason Swift

    Associate VP for Development: 
    Emily Sullivan Smith



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    Announcing ThinkTank7!

    ThinkTank 7  

    Foundations Now
    June 6-9, 2012
    School of the Art Institute of Chicago

    Apply Now! DEADLINE - Dec. 31st, 2011

    Agenda here!

    Foundations Now will explore ways of integrating the ever-changing models, methods, motivations, and practices of contemporary art and design into foundational art courses. Exploring ways in which foundational curricula can respond to 21st century needs, we will compare emerging pracitces and motivations to existing models. Building on ideas generated by ThinkTank6: Leading Change, TT7 will continue to consider ways in which foundational coursework sets the stage for the undergraduate experience as a whole.  

    Objectives for ThinkTank7 include:

    • To explore ways of integrating emerging practices into existing foundation curricula;
    • To develop effective connections among our missions, goals, learning outcomes and assessments; 
    • To identify the essential features of a foundations curriculum that is responsive to a multicultural contemporary framework; 
    • To develop student studio research skills and expand critical thinking; 
    • To experiment with new teaching technologies, including work with social networks, virtual spaces, and online tools.  

    Potential breakout sessions include:

    • The Contemporary Learning Community
    • Cultivating Creative Inquiry
    • Artist/Citizen
    • From Foundation to Finale: A Journey
    • Technology as Subject and Tool

    Applications are due by December 31st, 2011

    Click here to apply!

    More information:

    • Anticipated cost of ThinkTank7 plus lodging at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago is $725.
    • Program enrollment is limited to 50 participants.
    • Up to three Emerging Educator fellowships may be awarded. 

    Click here to apply for an Emerging Educator Fellowship