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    KCAI 2017

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    Lily Kuonen

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    March 2016 Educators Showcase: Alan Skees

    Alan Skees was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. He received his BFA from the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he studied traditional and alternative forms of printmaking, digital arts, design, and a little sculpture and ceramics thrown in just for fun. He received his MFA degree in 2007 from the University of Arizona. While there, he studied more alternative forms of printmaking, non-toxic printmaking, book arts, installation art, and other forms of digital image making. Currently he is an Assistant Professor of Digital Arts, New Media, and Printmaking at Christopher Newport University. He lives and makes art in Hampton, Virginia with his wife Kristin Skees, and they show their work nationally and internationally.

    Artist Statement:


    Neu Naturalis

    “Another glorious Sierra day in which one seems to be dissolved and absorbed and sent pulsing onward we know not where. Life seems neither long nor short, and we take no more heed to save time or make haste than do the trees and stars. This is true freedom, a good practical sort of immortality.”


    - John Muir, My First Summer in the Sierra

    During the Summer of 2014 my wife, my 9 month old daughter, and my inlaws set out for a cross country road trip. We drove from Coastal Virginia out to Montana, through Yellowstone, though endless plains and farmland, through mountain ranges, through the Badlands of the Dakotas, and into the forests of Canada and back. Seeing the land change, twist, and contort as we traveled was incredible. The active volcanic terrain of Yellowstone and wild living rock formations changing before my eyes left me with a sense of awe of the forces of nature and time. Along the way we also explored museums displaying active dig sites and exotic mineral and fossil formations. It is all of those experiences that influences these digital works.

    In this series, I use bits of stone, minerals as well as fossils and shells we collected along our journey to compose the images. Micro lenses, motors, and video cameras were used to capture image data that was then filtered through slit scanning scripts in PROCESSING (a programming language). The scripts create these images with digitized textures and surface movement that are reminiscent of the shearing tectonic forces I saw in the rocks and land out in nature.

    Consider this series as my sublime digital meditation on the forces that created and continue to change our beautiful planet.

    Pink Geode

    Neu Naturalis - Nautilus - 3_3

    Neu Naturalis - Nautilus and Barnacles - 2_3

    Student Work:  Digital Collage - Place & Identity






    February 2016 Educators Showcase: Andrea Kantrowitz

    Andrea Kantrowitz

    Dr. Andrea Kantrowitz is an artist, educator and scholar, who received her doctorate in drawing and cognition from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2014.  Her dissertation examined the cognitive interactions underlying contemporary artists’ drawing practices and she has lectured and given workshops internationally on her research. At Pratt Institute, she is collaborating on an interdisciplinary research project investigating the cognitive benefits of foundation drawing instruction with a team of psychologists from Brooklyn College, She is a founder and co-director of the Thinking through Drawing International Symposia series.  She holds a B.A in Art and Cognition from Harvard University and a MFA in Painting from Yale, and an Ed.D from Columbia University in art education and cognitive studies.  She teaches foundation drawing at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and art education at Tyler School of Art, Temple University. She worked for many years as a teaching artist in the New York City public schools and has been involved in multiple local and national arts in education research projects.  Her own art work is represented by Kenise Barnes Fine Art. 

    Professional Work

    Seven Brides

    Daughters of LeucippusMyriad RavinesStudent Work
    Improvisational Collaborative Drawing Project


    November 2015 Educators Showcase: Jesse Payne

    Jesse Payne

    Jesse Payne is an American artist currently working and teaching in Doha, Qatar. Payne’s work uses rigorous craft to amplify his creative interests: what does it mean to understand an artist’s gaze, and what does it do to a culture to censor it? His subjects – whether dimensioned iterations of Leonardo’s grotesque faces, or the further obscurity of censored art – are rendered in a hyper-representationalist manner, interrogating viewers with these same questions.

    He is a recipient of the Virginia Commonwealth University Distinguished Achievement in Teaching Award, and has had the fortune of also having taught at Savannah College of Art and Design, Northern Illinois University, and elsewhere. He is dedicated to the development of fine arts education, having served on the National Board of Foundation in Art: Theory & Education (FATE), and currently acting as Vice President for International Development for Integrative Teaching International, a think-tank for education professionals. He presents regularly at conferences, discussing innovation and the contemporary landscape of art, and foundations pedagogy.


    SarahSarah 2 


    During the past year, I have been contemplating the various types of digital drawing experiences that I could provide to my students. In my courses I have the flexibility to cover the entire gamut and touch upon both traditional and digital approaches to drawing in today’s world. Starting in a traditional manner using complementary media, we used tools such as Adboe Photoshop, Premier and the Wacom Inkling to translate our drawings into the digital realm.

    My director Simone Muscolino and I co-developed and collaborated on the EYES project at the end of the Fall 2014 semester.  This project challenged the students to demonstrate many of the skills they had learned throughout the semester.  As Simone stated, “Inspired by an image of Charles Eames looking through the eyes of Pablo Picasso, this project invites the students to understand the importance of this process in art and design.”  The EYES project was created to provide an opportunity for the students to reflect on the creative process of artist and designers.  VCUQatar is a university that focuses on innovation and excellence.  Students are consistently being challenged to think critically about their work and the work of others.  We ask them to observe the world around them in an interesting way and be aware of a larger network of artist and designers working today.  Therefor, it is critical that they understand the views and thinking processes of both artists and designers.   For this reason, the EYES project was a perfect opportunity to create this dialogue and shed light on the similarities and differences of artists and designers.

    Conceptually, the eyes represent ones identity.  To gaze into a females eyes in this culture is somewhat of a rare opportunity.  This project not only allows such an opportunity but also challenges the stereotypes about Arab females in general.  This project allows a privileged view to ponder on ones true identity while simultaneously challenging the viewer to understand how they view the world.

    The project implements digital time-based media (Adobe Premeir), Adobe Photoshop and traditional drawing materials into one assignment.  The result is, I believe, a project that has a stronger impact on the viewer. 

    Student Work



    October 2015 Educators Showcase: Casey McGuire

    Casey McGuireCasey McGuire was born in Shrewsbury, Vermont. The daughter of a taxidermist and decoy carver she was subject to object making at a young age. House traps, shadows and eerie lit structures are remnants of growing up in Vermont. This has left a lasting impression and fuels the work she produces today that addresses the material repercussions of the housing crisis.

    McGuire received her BFA from Alfred University; and a MFA in Sculpture, from University of Colorado, Boulder in 2007.  She is an Assistant Professor at the University of West Georgia, where she is the Foundations Coordinator.

    McGuire has had solo exhibitions at the Urban Institute for Contemporary Art, Grand Rapids, MI, The Zuckerman Museum of Art, in Kennesaw, GA, and ATHICA, Athens Institute for Contemporary Art, in Athens, Georgia.

    Recently her works have been shown at the Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta, GA; Universityof Mississippi in Oxford, MI and at the UTSA Satellite Gallery in San Antonio, TX.  An interview with McGuire was published in the October 2009 edition of Sculpture Magazine.


    Good Fences Make Good NeighborsInsatiabile Feeling of Soft GroundTerrestrial Apparatus

    Student Work:  Texture Your Out There Somewhere (Assignment)


    September 2015 EducatoCloudrackrCloudracks Showcase: Jason Lee

    Jason LeeJason Lee is currently an Associate Professor of Sculpture and Foundations Coordinator in the Division of Art and Design at West Virginia University in Morgantown. Lee was born in 1969 in Goldsborough, NC. He received his BFA from Kent State University in 1993 and his MFA from University of Wisconsin Madison in 1998.

     A multi media sculptor and installation artist, Jason Lee incorporates a wide variety of materials and techniques into his oddly humorous constructions and presentations. In some of Lee's most recent work he utilizes custom fabricated light boxes as well as cast plastic ducks and extruded foam fences to create his vision of the ideal landscape. Lee received the 2008 SECAC Individual Artists Fellowship and recently had work featured at the Clark Arts Center in Rockford, IL and in the 2014 “A Gallery Divided” Exhibition at the Clay Center for the Arts in Charleston, WV.




    Small Cloud Rack & Goose

    Student Work:  Dimensional Photo (Assignment)


    Dimensional Photo Collage