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    KCAI 2017

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    KCAI 2017

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    Lily Kuonen

    Vice President:
    Erin Hoffman

    VP for Finance: 
    Shaila Christofferson

    VP for Publications:
    Katie Ries

    Associate VP for Publications:
    Eric Wold

    Associate VP and Editor, Future Forward:
    Lucy Curzon

    VP for Communications:
    Diane Tarter

    Associate VP for Communications:
    Melanie Johnson

    Associate VP for Communications and Outreach: 
    Mandy Horton

    VP for Education: 
    Ray Yeager

    Associate VP for Education: 
    Gary Setzer


    VP for Progamming: 
    Claire van der Plas

    Associate VP for Progamming: 
    Libby McFalls

    Associate VP for Progamming: 
    Jessica Burke

    VP for Outreach: 
    Nina Bellisio

    Associate VP for Outreach: 
    Jim Benedict

    VP for Development: 
    Jason Swift

    Associate VP for Development: 
    Emily Sullivan Smith




    ThinkWire Winter 2015

    Now available ThinkWire Winter 2015.



    December 2014 Educators Showcase: Chung Fan Chang

     Chung Fan Chang

    Chung-Fan Chang is a visual artist who explores and investigates in painting, works on paper and wall installation to communicate her vision of beauty that reflect issues within the society and daily life  experience. Her Kite series of work assemble historical concerns, social signifiers and meditative practice all into a singular voice.

    Chang has exhibited her work in galleries and museums nationally and internationally. She was the 2013-14 Visual Arts Fellow at the Mississippi Arts Commission, and was the recipient of ThinkTank 7 Emerging Educator Fellowship. Recently, Chang exhibited her work at the Asian Cultural Center, Manhattan Art Gallery in New York. She co-curated Horizon Realm: Contemporary Art from Taiwan, which was held at Tenri Cultural Center in New York.

    Chang obtained MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design, and BFA from Taipei National University of the Arts.  She is currently Assistant professor of Art at Jackson State University.


    Chung Fan Chang Portfolio

    Eongher's Land

     Xinma's Land

    XuchangGÇÖs Land

    Assignment - Nature As Material

    click here to download Full Text of the Assignment

    Nature As Material - Student Examples




    2014 Educator Showcase: Chris Olszewski


    As an active member of the Chippewa of Mnjikaning First Nation, I have developed my aesthetic from the creative visual language of the Northern Woodland people.  My work is rooted in western painting traditions, as well as being trained in the modernist/postmodernist philosophy of art.  I also have a fascination with the ancient Native American world and how it interacts with current times.  My goal is to develop the Native American image beyond the “Souvenir Shop” and to depict actual people struggling with the encroachment of the dominant contemporary culture.  Chris works as a professor in the School of Foundations Studies, SCAD.


    Chris Olszewski Portfolio


    Assignment - McDonald's Project       

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    McDonald's Project - Student Examples



    2014 Educator Showcase: Kjellgren Alkire

     Photo Credit: Rik Sferra

    Kjellgren Alkire makes art about doubt and certainty, language and its failure, people and their politics, agriculture and its subcultures. He often critiques masculine archetypes by performing both for the camera and in live artworks. Pairing male characters with texts, graphics and installation, he interrogates and celebrates subcultural productions of identity and mythology. Choosing to work interdisciplinary, he is agnostic regarding specific material traditions, media practices or creative toolsets.

    His studio and curatorial work has been a beneficiary of several awards, including 2014 Jerome Foundation Fellowship for Emerging Artists, a Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant, a Contemporary Forum Award from the Phoenix Art Museum and Project Funding from the Missouri Arts Council.

    He teaches art and design at Winona State University in lovely southeastern Minnesota. His life is beautiful and flawed.


    Kjellgren Alkire Portfolio

    Photo Credit: Peter Bugg

    Camp Characters at the Shed: Youth Director, Mudman, Man In Black, Professor
    Screenprint and resin on chromogenic color print mounted on steel,
    24” x 36” each 


    Photo Credit: Peter Bugg

    Camp Characters at the Shed: Mudman, Camp Director, Youth Director, Man In Black 
    Screenprint and resin on chromogenic color print mounted on steel,
    16” x 20” each 


    Photo Credit: Peter Bugg
    Camp Exhibition: Installation Panoramic
    Left to right: screenprinted canvas banners, tempera drawing on wall, site-specific installation, HD video, sculpture on trailer,
    1000 square feet, 16’ ceilings

    Assignment - Video Self-Portrait       

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    Video Self-Portrait - Student Examples













    Spring 2014 ThinkWire

    Available now, the Spring 2014 ThinkWire.


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